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Art of Cooking

Poonam Bindra started cooking at a very young age of sixteen. Poonam was very passionate from the very beginning and belonging to a food lover family made it easy for her to pursue her goal in the direction of cooking. Her mother was her mentor. Her father, her husband and her son are her support system and her moral boosters. Poonam is very creative and talented home chef and she keeps on experimenting with different ingredients in order to develop a whole new recipe for her family, friends and her beloved followers. She initially started working with Lokmat Times India as a blogger and then accelerated in her field. She has worked with many other magazines and done a shoot with Emami Oils, Pickles of India, as well for the making of Mango Pickle. Poonam Bindra is an upcoming Superstar Home chef whose main focus is to spread awareness about healthy Food.