PANEER LABABDARBy Art Of CookingMy today’s recipe Paneer Lababdar in Restaurant Style is an aromatic, sweet and slightly spicy sabzi that swoons its eaters with enchanting flavours and its smooth paste-like gravy. Its an authentic Punjabi accompaniment that has a luscious combination of cottage cheese and exotic gravy made from tomato puree, chopped onions, cashew nuts and spices.
PUMPKIN PANCAKEBy Art Of CookingI’m sharing these fluffy pumpkin pancakes too late for breakfast this morning, It’s actually one of my oldest recipes, and one of my favorites for fall. These pumpkin pancakes taught me that whole grain pancakes can be every bit as tasty and fluffy as pancakes made with regular flour.
Sourdough discard cinnamon sugar cake donutsBy Art Of CookingSourdough doughnut, the latest fashion doughnuts made with the discard of the sourdough discard. Generally we use dry yeast to make the doughnuts , but today I have used the discard thats come out of the sourdough starter and tried my hands on this. My journey is not even a month to sourdough and also the discard is young but felt to try my hands on this recipe. My personal experience is that they are the most soft and delicious doughnuts I have ever tasted and also made. I know, lot of them are new to sourdough concept and lot of them are still thinking what am I writing . But the journey of making the mother yeast and then also incorporating the discard in recipes has totally changed the concept of cooking. Introduce yourself to this wonderful Sourdough journey and do not throw the discard. Will update many more recipes. The discard is full of nutrition and also is a way of healthy eating . Will research more and get you more details.
Laal Saag RecipeBy Art Of CookingToday’s recipe is of Lal Saag. Lal Saag is also known as Red Spinach Or Lal Palak is a protein filled vegetable. It is a powerhouse of vitamins,, minerals, proteins, fibres.and carbohydrates. Its juice extracted from Lal Saag help in treating diarrhea. Regular consumption of Lal Saag helps in easing digestion and weight management. As it is high in iron content and dietary fiber, it is good for cholesterol and risks of cardiovascular diseases. This highly nutritious and flavorful, this saag is very easy to make and can be prepared in very less time. Besides it is not only easy to digest as well. In today's recipe i have shown this recipe just using few ingredients and cooked in few minutes so lets see the procedure to make this recipe.
Crispy Karela RecipeBy Art Of CookingToday's recipe is Crispy karela recipe.Crispy Karela is a crunchy and flavorful which can be eaten as a side dish with meals. This crispy karela is not only tasty but healthy recipe too. Karela is also called as bitter gourd in English. Karela is rich source of antioxidants which ads to digestion and also acts as a blood purifier so it is beneficial for skin as well. So adding karela to diet is a must.But most of us do not like the bitter taste of karela. But personally i would like to tell you the recipe of karela which i have made you are surely going to like.This is my mom's Crispy Karela recipe which wonderfully balances the bitterness of karela with sweetness of onions and potatoes.. I would recommend adding potato to the dish if you are trying to make your kids eat this dish or for someone who is trying it for first time . Apart from the usual spices like coriander powder, red chilly powder; is also added which imparts mild sweetness to the dish.The recipe is quite simple and does not take much preparation time.You can easily store it in refrigerator for 3-4 days .You can eat with my regular dal-roti-curd meal and it tastes amazing.So lets see the procedure to make this recipe.
Spinach Garlic SandwichBy Art Of CookingToday I will like to share instant. Spinach Garlic Sandwich. Spinach Garlic Sandwich which i would like to share is a quick and easy recipe which is very easy and , nutritious, tasty vegetarian meal. In this sandwich i have used few and simple ingredients go into the making of this healthy. Spinach Garlic Sandwich recipe. This sandwich the filling i have used is a paste of butter and garlic, balanced spinach and lots of mozzarella cheese. As i think most us think that how can we provide are children healthy breakfast. Adding spinach in our children meal is impossible. As children do not like to have spinach. But spinach is very essential for health. So I would say just look at this simple and fast . Spinach Garlic Sandwich recipe. You can easily prepare this cheese sandwich recipe in few minutes. I prepare this healthy sandwich recipe almost every week for breakfast. You just try to make it. So let’s see the procedure to make this recipe.
Instant Chilli Paneer RecipeBy Art Of CookingToday’s recipe is of instant chilli paneer recipe. Instant chilli paneer recipe is a delicious chilli paneer (Indian cottage cheese): crispy paneer cubes tossed in a spicy garlic, ginger and spices. This will give you a perfectly appetizer/ starter recipe for your next party. In this recipe I have prepared paneer chilli instant with few basic ingredients. As sometimes we like to have something instant instead of spending more time in kitchen. So this paneer chilli will be a very good recipe for you to make if you are busy and hungry and would like to have something instant. I used very few basic ingredients which is easily available in are kitchen. In this recipe you do not have to marinate panner with any sauce or spices. You this is Indian style paneer chilli recipe in which I have used all Indian masalas I am sure you are going to like this recipe.So let’s see the procedure to make this instant chilli paneer recipe.
Wadi Chawal RecipeBy Art Of CookingToday's recipe is Wadi Chawal recipe. Wadi Chawal is an Punjabi recipe, which is a complete meal in itself. It is spicy moong dal wadi and rice combination is mouth watering .This dish you can make when you simply cannot think of what to make!!! Basically Wadi Chawal is a rice dish that is just flavored and prepared just like a pulao or biryani but added of spicy moong dal wadi. It is also very healthy and nutritious The best part of Wadi Chawal is that it is simple and very easy to make.. To make this curry you will first need moong dal wadi, which you can prepare at home or buy from store.and then first this wadi is sauté for few minutes in ghee or oil till it turns brown. Then prepare rice in cooker by adding these fried wadis. Believe we this rice taste awesome. you can have it with curd riata it taste yummy.So let us see the procedure to make this recipe at home
Sabudana Fingers RecipeBy Art Of CookingToday i have prepared Sabudana fingers recipe. A Sabudana finger is one of the healthy and easy recipes. It is a maharashtrian snacks which is very tasty and full of flavors. It is made during the fasting days. This sabudana fingers i have made with mashed potatoes which are mixed in sabudana and crushed peanuts which makes a great tea-time snack.It is very easy and simple and easy to make if you have soaked sabudana at home. The sabudana should be soaked properly then it can be made properly it should be soaked for at least 4 hours. then i have mixed it in potatoes, crushed groundnut, green chillies etc.I have also shown how to make dip for the sabudana fingers.its made with mixture of curd, groundnut,red chilli,sugar this goes well along with the sabudana fingers,So lets see the procedure to make this recipe.
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