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Tom KhaBy Art Of CookingTom Kha is a vegetarian Thai coconut soup. Its very healthy and tasty soup. Coconut has a lot of nutritional value and when added with the vegetables creates an amazing taste. Try this simple Thai recipe. A perfect soup for winters.
Parantha HalwaBy Art Of CookingWe all love to eat paratha. This is a simple recipe which can be made with the left over parathas also. It is very healthy and a perfect sweet for kids.. This is a very famous recipe from Uttar pradesh and is also very popular in some parts of Nepal.
VALAIPALAM HALWABy Art Of CookingA simple sweet from South India. We all know that maximum number of banana tress are found in Southern part of India. This recipe is dedicated to all the banana lovers. I m sure you will love relishing and making this simple yet delicious recipe...
Amritsari Bun ChaatBy Art Of CookingThis is a very special burger found on the streets of Amritsar, which I believe after seeing no one can resist . It’s yummy , delicious and leaves a taste behind . So let’s make this chatpata burger ...
Srambled Egg Bunny ChowBy Art Of CookingScrambled egg is a very common recipe. This is a fusion of a simple recipe. I have removed the center of the bun and added our tasty scrabled egg and topped it with some grated cheese and butter . baked it to get cheessyyy flavour. Do try. Kids love it a lot ..
RABODI KI SUBZIBy Art Of CookingRabodi are basically corn chips/ papad. They are sundried and preserved and used in gravies as needed. This dish belongs to Rajasthan and is a traditional dish of the region. Like punjabis have their wadis , same way Rajasthanis make these rabodis. Its easily available in the grocery stores.
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