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Amritsari Bun ChaatBy Art Of CookingThis is a very special burger found on the streets of Amritsar, which I believe after seeing no one can resist . It’s yummy , delicious and leaves a taste behind . So let’s make this chatpata burger ...
Srambled Egg Bunny ChowBy Art Of CookingScrambled egg is a very common recipe. This is a fusion of a simple recipe. I have removed the center of the bun and added our tasty scrabled egg and topped it with some grated cheese and butter . baked it to get cheessyyy flavour. Do try. Kids love it a lot ..
RABODI KI SUBZIBy Art Of CookingRabodi are basically corn chips/ papad. They are sundried and preserved and used in gravies as needed. This dish belongs to Rajasthan and is a traditional dish of the region. Like punjabis have their wadis , same way Rajasthanis make these rabodis. Its easily available in the grocery stores.
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