Galoti kebab RecipeBy Art Of CookingToday i will like to share Galouti kebab recipe, Galouti kebab is also known as, galawati kebab it is a popular Lucknawi preparation made with finely minced meat usually being lamb, goat .The name Galouti’ means melt in mouth, and is really true This dish does melt in the mouth as the meat is finely minced. This kebab was created especially for the Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Lucknow who had lost all his teeth but continued to be a connoisseur of good food making the kebab is very easy, if you use the right ingredients. As i told you that this kebab is general made with meat but you can make it with chicken too. Galouti kebabs are best served with fresh green chutney with a side of lemon and onions.The taste of meat, marinated with spices and shallow fried is not something one can forget easily. The use of papaya paste to make the meat tender is an old trick to make the Galouti kebabs. After being mixed with the papya the meat is mixed with spices and then finely ground meat is shaped into patties and fried in pure ghee until they are browned. Just try and see this recipe i am sure you are going to like it. So now just see the procedure to make this recipe.
Beet Root Khichdi RecipeBy Art Of CookingToday I am back with Beetroot Khichadi Recipe. Beetroot Khichadi is a easy and quick healthy recipe with carrot and beetroot as main ingredients. As we all know beetroot is a nutrient and rich vegetable packed with iron. Beetroot is not only a great food for adults but also for your children. It is a very good source of vitamin. It has also lots of fiber so it is very good for children who have a tendency to constipation. It is rich in minerals...So beetroot Khichadi is a nice idea to add beetroot in are diet as most of us do not like to have it. Little spicy and tangy flavored Beetroot Khichadi is a favorite and awesome dish. The dish is different and special with grated beetroot and grated carrot cooked with spices and mainly no use of onions and tomatoes are there in my recipe. I have shown how we can prepare simple and tasty Khichadi recipe with very few ingredients so now let’s see the procedure to make this recipe.
Methiwala Chicken\ Kat a Kat ChickenBy Art Of CookingToday's recipe is Methiwala chicken recipe. Methiwala chicken is a unique twist of methi leaves which is cooked along with chicken pieces. This chicken recipe is high on flavors and goodness. Methi Chicken is one my favorite Indian chicken curries. It is prepared my cooking tender chicken pieces along with spices and fresh fenugreek leaves. This recipe is famous for its unusual taste and style of cooking. You can learn how to make it at home. The chicken pieces are marinated to bring out maximum flavors then methi leaves adds flavour to the whole dish. The chicken and methi are cooked to make thick gravy. You can serve this recipe as a side dish. It is slightly spicy and the flavor and aroma will you’re your family members. So let’s see the procedure to make this recipe.
Pumpkin Soup RecipeBy Art Of CookingToday i will like to share a healthy pumpkin soup recipe. Pumpkin soup is a ultimate warmer when the weather starts cooling down. This pumpkin soup is creamy and silky with a bit of spices and featured as a slightly sweet and nutty flavor that even kids will like to have. Pumpkin is a bright orange squash is a seasonal food. Pumpkin is packed with nutrients that do wonders for your skin and health. Its high in Vitamin C, which is essential for healthy skin. Vitamin C boosts collagen production, and helps improve skin tone and elasticity. And pumpkin is full of minerals which include magnesium, potassium, and Zinc. These minerals help lower blood pressure, increase brain function, and promote heart health. There are many reasons to take full advantage of pumpkin this season, and there are even more ways to enjoy it. So adding pumpkin in our diet is very essential. Most of us do not like pumpkin am i right. So if pumpkin is consumed in a soup format will be a good idea isn't it. In this soup I have used chef solutions Chik-N-Aroma Broth Powder which is very good in taste broth powder you can even use it as it’s very good. So now let’s see the procedure to make this recipe.
Mirchi Salan RecipeBy Art Of CookingToday's Mirchi Salan is a popular chili and peanut based curry recipe. Mirchi Salan is served as a side dish to hyderabadi biryani recipe. As salan recipe is a famous of hyderabad, andhra pradesh and it is mainly prepared from peanut, sesame seeds and tamarind. Mirchi salan recipe is a gravy recipe which was typically prepared in religious events and muslim weddings. however, now it is widely accepted and is necessary side dish curry whenever the biryani recipes is ordered in any restaurant. Actualy my husband is a big fan of biryani recipes. Whenever we prepare any biryani recipes, salan gravy is necessary recipe at are place. In this recipe I have used hyderabadi mirchi, as this mirchi is not as much spicy as other green chillies. To prepare this recipe is very simple, but few points you should keep in mind for a perfect salan recipe. Firstly I always tell to dee-seed the green chilies before using in the gravy. If you prefer to have a spicy then, you may keep them, otherwise dee-seeding them is a wise thing. Now firstly this curry is made with fried hydrabadi green chilies, and then is cooked in masala paste which is made from sesame seeds, coriander seeds, cumin seeds and peanuts, and I have even roasted tamarind along so the taste of sour tamarind is awesome. I also have used lightly browned onions in the curry.I, am sure once you make this recipe you are surely going to love it. So now lets just see the procedure to make this recipe.
Soya Masala RecipeBy Art Of CookingToday i will like to share Soya Masala recipe. Soya Masala is a creamy and rich soya chunks masala recipe that goes well as a side dish with chapatis or pooris and any pulao variety.You can make this soya vadi masala recipe at home as it is very easy and very simple to ake with basic ingredients.This recipe is a simple, healthy and tasty Indian style soya chunks curry that goes well with rice, pulao, chapathi . As soya chunks are very good for are health as it dds a good source of much needed protein to meet our daily dietary requirement.It is 100% gluten free and makes an amazing protein alternative. You can also make this dish for lunch box as well. We say that soya in chunky form is to a vegetarian what chicken or mutton is to a non vegetarian. I believe the secret in making soya chunks taste like a non vegetarian dish is soaking of the chunks in warm salted water. So lets see the procedure to make this soya masla recipe.
Sindhi Kadhi RecipeBy Art Of CookingToday’s recipe of Sindhi Kadhi is a delicious and healthy recipe from Sindhi cuisine. Sindhi Kadhi is a tangy and spicy kadhi recipe which is made with roasted besan, (gram flour) and a good mix of vegetables. This is a tasty curry for rice and pakoda this makes a perfect comfort food.This is a , besan based curry with vegetables. This is called wadi (big) kadhi in many households. Curries are a every day affair in most of Indian house. Also i am a great fan of curries and i like to cook curries from various regions. Although most of my curries are Punjabi style as this is the food that I grew up eating, so food that resembles Punjabi food naturally is loved at our place And you know there is little bit similarity in Punjabi cuisine and Sindhi cuisine. Sindhi kadhi with chawal is one of most popular Sindhi curry recipe.The unique flavour of this kadhi makes it the most famous dish from the Sindhi Kitchen. Another dish which is cooked on a Sunday afternoon and savoured with family & friends. It’s a celebration dish, it’s a get together dish and no sindhi event would be completed without this unique flavorful gravy.Sindhi Kadhi. This kadi has a tangy, sweet, sour taste and makes a delicious, gravy with vegetables. You can Serve Sindhi Kadhi Recipe with Steamed Rice. So let’s see the procedure to make this recipe.
Anda Ghotala RecipeBy Art Of CookingToday i will like to share a famous street food called as Anda Ghotala .Anda Ghotala or Egg scrambled is a spicy and flavorful mashed recipe of scrambled,boiled,and half fry eggs served along with bread or pav road side. It is a favorite breakfast recipe which is easy and quick recipe. The main ingredients are eggs, tomato, onion .But you can variation in it such as boiled eggs with paneer by cutting into small cubes are added to make the dish more filling. Today in this recipe i have used green capsicum, if you like use any other vegetable as well. An additional can be added peas, carrot, capsicum, and other similar vegetables which improves the dish taste and its nutritional value, but here I didn’t add any additional ingredients in this recipe but you can by choice. You can make this recipe for dinner lunch or breakfast as it is a quick recipe so whenever you want can be prepared it even for best kids tiffin box idea as it is healthy and delicious, this recipe can be ready within 10-15 minutes if you have already boiled eggs in your fridge. so lets see the procedure to make this recipe
Wheat Daliya RecipeBy Art Of CookingToday's wheat Daliya recipe is a very healthy and taste recipe. Daliya means cracked whea. Daliya is very popular all over India. Vegetable Daliya is considered as one of the simplest, healty meal. It is low in fat, high in Iron and fiber, and its best dish for everyone. Making Daliya in Instant cooker is very easy where the Broken Wheat Daliya, is cooked with vegetables and basic Indian spices are cooked in Onion -garlic based tempering. Vegetable Daliya can be prepared in a Pot too but it takes a lot of time to cook. So I have shown how you can make daliya in cooker. Wheat, is a healthy and its full of fiber. The high fiber content in dalia gives us a feeling of fullness. Daliya provides you with the energy required for the day. It is low in fats which add in weight management. So, you can replace wheat rotis and rice with Dalia. It will be a good idea to boost your weight loss efforts. And also daliya is goog for diabetic patients as it has high fiber content and few calories, so if you eat a bowl of Dalia when you are hungry helps you to manage blood sugar. As Dalia is simple to make, easy to digest and low in fat, even pregnant women, and also older people can eat it. You can prepare daliya for breakfast, lunch or dinner as it is highly nutritious and its very easy to make. I have used spinach, carrots, french beans to make daliya if you want to you can use any vegetables that is available at your home. And you can serve with raita, cucumber salad or plain Yogurt its taste awesome. So now just see how to make this recipe.
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