Kathal (Jackfruit) Ki Sabzi RecipeBy Art Of CookingToday's recipe is of kathal ki sabji recipe. Kathal (Jack fruit) Ki Sabzi is a dry preparation of unripe jackfruit cooked in dry form… The dish has a very good texture and delicious taste. You can serve it with chapatis, phulkas . As Jackfruit is a healthy fruit grown in tropical regions of the world. It is native to South India.jack fruit. Jackfruit’s content of immune-boosting vitamins A and C may help prevent illnesses. Eating this fruit is... Preventing skin problems: This fruit provides several nutrients and antioxidants, such as vitamin C, that may improve... Heart health, it is 100% gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Jackfruit or kathal is prepared as a dry sabzi or in the form of curry. In this recipe, I have shared making the jack fruit as dry subji. In this recipe I have shown firstly how to clean jack fruit, and then frying the jackfruit pieces and then cooking . the fried pieces along with the tomato purée and spices.It's a mouth watering and healthy dish that will love by you and your family members Trust me, this recipe tastes so wonderful and is totally worth the effort you put in. so do try the recipe at home. So Let’s see the procedure to make this recipe.
Achari Tinda RecipeBy Art Of CookingToday i will like to share Achari tinda recipe. Achari tinda is a wonderful recipe made from the apple gourd which is a part of the “Gourd” family. In Indian local language it is called as “Tinda”, It is also called Indian baby pumpkin, Indian squash .Tinda or apple gourd is known for its mild taste and it contains 94 percentage water and has very few calorie contents so its very good for health and also It helps in controlling blood pressure and heart disease. So today i have made this dish using achari masala a spicy and tangy taste recipe it’s very easy to make you can make it for a lunch box meal or for a quick dinner.So Lets see the procedure to make this recipe
Prawns Biryani RecipeBy Art Of CookingI am back with today's special recipe of prawn’s biryani manglorean style. The recipe which i would like to share is a easiest and quickest .Prawns biryani recipe, that you can cook in about 40 minutes Biryani is what i often make, at least once in two weeks. . In this recipe I have marinated the prawns in grated coconut mint leaves, coriander leaves and ginger garlic paste and then cooked .Prawn biryani is simply another variation made on the same just by replacing chicken & mutton with prawns. Since the cook time for prawns is lesser. Since it is so easy to make, plus it taste awesome. .As prawns does not take much time to marinate in comparison with chicken or meat, thus reducing the preparation time. Prawns cooked in green masala, spices, and onions and layered with rice, makes this dish bursting with flavors and aromatic spices. You can cook this prawn’s biryani for a dinner party at home or even unexpected guests arrive and you wish to present an elaborate looking meal. Serve this with a Raita to best enjoy the biryani. If you love seafood specially prawns then this manglorian style prawns biryani is a must try recipe. In manglore coconut is widely used in every dishes. The flavor of coconut enhances the taste of the curry or biryani. So let’s see the procedure to make this prawns biryani recipe.
Malpuas RecipeBy Art Of CookingToday I would like to share Malpuas recipe with you'll. Malpuas is an indian version of pancake which is loved by kids and adults alike. I have made this malpuas with whole-Wheat Flour. Malpuas with Rabri is a delicious North Indian recipe which can be prepared using whole wheat flour, fennel seeds and jaggery. If you like to have sweet dishes then i am sure you will like this dessert recipe. Just prepare this mouth watering sweet dish for your family and friends and enjoy. This Malpuas goes good when coupled with the sweetness of rabri and can be served as dessert on various occasions and get-togethers. Prepare this mouth-watering dish on various occasions and enjoy with your family. Traditionally malpuas are prepared from maida/all-purpose flour. But here I have used whole wheat flour to make these yummy and delectable malpuas more healthy, and that too without compromising on their taste. So now let’s see how to make this malpuas recipe at home.
Chatpati Mirchi RecipeBy Art Of CookingToday recipe is a quick and very easy to make recipe of Chatpati Mirchi. If you want something chatpata for your meals then here is the recipe of Chatpati Mirchi . This is a quick and easy recipe which requires only 5 minutes of cooking. You can have it with paratha ,dal rice or roti You will not require any subzi along with this. Chatpati Mirchi is tangy, spicy in taste. As chillies are rich in vitamin C and it is good for health. So, try to make this yummy mirch at your end and enjoy. This Chatpati Mirchi is a quick fix recipe or can say an instant pickle . As it's low in fat so can be easily packed for lunch boxes and it easily stays good for 2-3 days at room temperature so a good travel food. So let’s see the procedure to make this chatpati mirch recipe.
Nimbu Mircchi Ka AcharBy Art Of CookingNimbu Mircchi ka achar or lemon green chilli pickle is made with Nimbu/lime and Hari mirch/ Green chilli and ginger as the main ingredient. Lime and green chilies are pickled with a mix of masala to make this spicy and tangy pickle. Pickles are such a great addition to any Indian meal. A little bit of pickle with meal enhances the taste, it add some spice to otherwise meals like khichdi dal rice etc. This Nimbu Mircchi ka achar is very easy to make its instant recipe of achar that you can have.I have shown an instant recipe that you will like and can make in just few minutes. You can have this pickle for 2-3 days you cannot store it for long as i have not used not used any preservative it it. You just few ingredients which are easily available just make it a mix keep it in sunlight for half an hour and can have this instant Nimbu Mircchi ka achar which you will like. So let’s see the procedure to make this achar recipe.
Bread Pudding RecipeBy Art Of CookingToday I am back with a mouth watering recipe of whole grain bread pudding recipe. Basically Bread pudding is bread based dessert found in many countries. If you have leftover bread which is on a verge of going bad please don't waste it by throwing it out Instead, you know you can transform it into a rich and tasty dessert to share at a dinner party or to indulge in on your own. In this recipe I have used whole grain bread if you like to you can use any fresh or left over bread slices and also I have caramelize brown sugar and walnuts and almonds you can use any dry fruit which you like and add it on the bread pudding it tastes yummy just try to make this desert at home you will really love it so let’s see the procedure to make this bread pudding at home.
Spring Roll RecipeBy Art Of CookingToday I will share with you'll and A popular Chinese dish, that is spring rolls. Spring rolls are very delicious and liked by all. In today's recipe I have used noodles as stuffing in spring roll, you can also use any left over vegetables' carrot, capsicum. With the goodness of noodles, and the crispy outer crust, it is a perfect snack for kids. They will love this dish and is good for kids who don,’t eat veggies easily. This is the simplest thing you can prepare, when you are not in a mood to prepare something exotic to have for hunger pangs. It can also be one of the easiest snack options, when you have sudden guests coming by, and you don’t want to put in too many efforts. As it does not require more effort its very easy and can be made quickly Even though, there is no special occasion required to have this easy Chinese recipe, it can also this as a perfect party starter recipe. You can serve it as an appetizer, and we bet this will surely have good compliments. If you want to you can also add your own ingredients to make this recipe interesting. The best way to prepare is your own way, where you can add spices as per your own preference. In today's recipe I also have shown how to make spring roll sheets at home you can make these sheets and preserve it and use accordingly I have used left over noodles, the crunchiness of the outer cover, and the smooth filling of noodles adds in more flavors So, try this delicious recipe at home and relish with your loved ones! Let’s see the procedure to make this recipe at home.
Lemon Mojito RecipeBy Art Of CookingLemon Mojito recipe is a refreshing, delicious and non-alcoholic mojito with lemon and mint flavor. During summer days if you have the freshness of the mint, the taste of lemon, and that cool light bubble. Its a ideal method to beat the warmth, Mojito is made with mint leaves and lemon it taste so good, that you will be amazed by the flavors. Refreshing indeed in the summers. The peppery pungent taste of the mint and ginger complimented the taste.In this recipe i have shared with you how to make lemon squash and by using this lemon squash i have made lemon mojito. So lets see the procedure to make this recipe.
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