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Tandoori Shimla Mirchi Recipe

Tandoori Shimla Mirchi Recipe is a Punjabi style delicious tandoori shimla mirch recipe. In this recipe, capsicum or shimla mirch is stuffed with spiced panner and mashed potatoes. This Tandoori Shimla Mirchi is liked by everyone at are can also change the stuffing as yo like. In this recipe I have shown how to fry capsicum in pan, and then do the stuffing and give a smoke taste as tan-door. The Tandoori Shimla Mirchi can be served with rotis or can be accompanied by raita. You can also serve these Tandoori Shimla Mirchi as a side dish. This dish also makes for a good lunch box. Tandoori Shimla Mirchia is a lip smacking snack which can be served as starters in parties or for serving guests. The recipe of Tandoori Shimla Mirchi is very simple, I will like to share few things which you can do if you want variations,, in this recipe I have used green capsicum, but if you want to you can also use red and yellow capsicum secondly, I have slit the capsicum vertically if you want to you can slit the capsicum at the top to make a cavity for stuffing. So Let’s see the procedure how to make this tandoori shimla mirch recipe.

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Tandoori Arvi / Colocassia Recipe

Arvi also known as colocasia root /taro root in English, is one healthy vegetable that is cooked regularly in Indian homes. It contains a wealth of organic compounds,minerals, and vitamins that can benefit our overall health in a number of ways. It has a significant amount of dietary fiber and carbohydrates, high levels of vitamin A, C, E, vitamin B6, and folate. It also contains magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorous, potassium, manganese, and copper .On top of all health benefits if cooked properly this is really tasty as that’s a bonus!!! we can make arvi in many ways are a number of ways to make this power veggie , but this tandoori version I like the most so today I’m sharing a very simple way of cooking Tandoori Arvi Try this delicious recipe today.

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Charcoal Sandwich Waffle with Charcoal Icecream

Charcoal, yes its charcoal, you are reading it right. Activated Charcoal has a lot of benefits on our body. It helps in kidney function to remove all the undigested toxins and filters our body.
Also it helps in teeth whitening, Intestinal gastritis, skin infection and much more. Now a days activated charcoal is used in some food and the colour of the food changes to black. In pregnancy its not safe to consume it. Also I recommend a small check of charcoal before consuming. It doesnt have any taste but changes the colour of the dish and increases it nutritional value.

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