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Prawn Sushi Recipe

Prawns Sushi is a Japanese cuisine made with noori. The word, “sushi rice” is sometimes used to refer to Japanese short grain rice outside of Japan, but in Japanese cooking, Sushi Rice means rice steamed with rice sushi vinegar and used for all types of sushi recipes. There are many types of making one like temaki, uramaki, maki, and many more. Noori is a sheet made of seaweed. I have fried prawns with panko bread crumbs. Chef Solution’s panko crumbs are crispier, and lighter, so, they coat without “packing” like a regular crumbs, allowing foods to stay crispier for longer. The delicate, crisp texture makes them a good choice for baked or fried foods. Try using chef solution panko bread crumbs. Its affordable, crispy, light in weight and amazing packaging also is a must in the kitchen. In Japanese cusin mainly prawns will be in between the rice to add a rich, flavourful component to the piece. Once you’ve got the basic ingredients, you can whip these up whenever a craving sets in. You will really love the crunchy texture of prawns inside the sushi roll. The Prawns’ sushi roll is an inside-out sushi roll, which means nori wraps around the ingredients inside and the sushi rice is on the outside. Typically, there is a drop of wasabi mayonnaise Japanese sushi seasoning. Then the crisp prawns deep-fried in panko bread crumbs and thinly sliced avocado is placed on top of the roll. Do look into this recipe of sushi making at home.

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Charcoal Sandwich Waffle with Charcoal Icecream

Charcoal, yes its charcoal, you are reading it right. Activated Charcoal has a lot of benefits on our body. It helps in kidney function to remove all the undigested toxins and filters our body.
Also it helps in teeth whitening, Intestinal gastritis, skin infection and much more. Now a days activated charcoal is used in some food and the colour of the food changes to black. In pregnancy its not safe to consume it. Also I recommend a small check of charcoal before consuming. It doesnt have any taste but changes the colour of the dish and increases it nutritional value.

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