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Wadi Chawal Recipe

Today’s recipe is Wadi Chawal recipe. Wadi Chawal is an Punjabi recipe, which is a complete meal in itself. It is spicy moong dal wadi and rice combination is mouth watering .This dish you can make when you simply cannot think of what to make!!! Basically Wadi Chawal is a rice dish that is just flavored and prepared just like a pulao or biryani but added of spicy moong dal wadi. It is also very healthy and nutritious The best part of Wadi Chawal is that it is simple and very easy to make.. To make this curry you will first need moong dal wadi, which you can prepare at home or buy from store.and then first this wadi is sauté for few minutes in ghee or oil till it turns brown. Then prepare rice in cooker by adding these fried wadis. Believe we this rice taste awesome. you can have it with curd riata it taste yummy.So let us see the procedure to make this recipe at home

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Prawns Biryani Recipe

I am back with today’s special recipe of prawn’s biryani manglorean style. The recipe which i would like to share is a easiest and quickest .Prawns biryani recipe, that you can cook in about 40 minutes Biryani is what i often make, at least once in two weeks. . In this recipe I have marinated the prawns in grated coconut mint leaves, coriander leaves and ginger garlic paste and then cooked .Prawn biryani is simply another variation made on the same just by replacing chicken & mutton with prawns. Since the cook time for prawns is lesser. Since it is so easy to make, plus it taste awesome. .As prawns does not take much time to marinate in comparison with chicken or meat, thus reducing the preparation time. Prawns cooked in green masala, spices, and onions and layered with rice, makes this dish bursting with flavors and aromatic spices. You can cook this prawn’s biryani for a dinner party at home or even unexpected guests arrive and you wish to present an elaborate looking meal. Serve this with a Raita to best enjoy the biryani. If you love seafood specially prawns then this manglorian style prawns biryani is a must try recipe. In manglore coconut is widely used in every dishes. The flavor of coconut enhances the taste of the curry or biryani. So let’s see the procedure to make this prawns biryani recipe.

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Rajma Biryani Recipe

Rajma Biryani is a very healthy meal that can be made for lunch or dinner or for a get together or also it’s a good Tiffin idea for kids or office goers for lunch. This rajma biryani is a protein packed flavorful aromatic and very tasty rice which is liked by everyone. Rajma also known as Red Kidney Beans it is rich source of protein and fiber, minerals such as copper, manganese, phosphorous folate and vitamin B 1 and is usually known as the poor man’s meat. Although the protein content in the kidney beans is lower than animal protein, the protein content found in kidney beans is considered as a good source of protein for vegetarians. Also these beans help to regulate blood sugar level and also also lower cholesterol and boosts immunity. There are any dishes that you can make out of rajma. I like to make gravy with rajma which goes very well with roti or even rice. i like making biryani as well with the rajma . I make biryani everyi make biryani every week with either rajma or double beans as it rich in protein. Rajma or red beans are an ideal replacement for red meat . At my home, there are no side dishes made on the day when rajma is cooked. Just the melt in the mouth rajma beans biryani along with salad or raita and you have a comforting meal.Do try making this rajma biryani at home so let’s see the procedure to make this biryani recipe.

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Lemon Rice Recipe

Here comes an authentic, simple, never fail and yummy recipe of lemon rice. Its simple, easy to cook and has a beautiful and aromatic taste and flavors. This is a mouth watering south Indian dish prepared by adding lemon juice while stir frying steamed basmati rice in spices. This lemon rice recipe is a popular in South Indian dish. It’s tempered with spices such as mustard seeds, curry leaves and adding of chana and urad dal ads crunchiness in my lemon rice and lemon juice for that tangy flavor. The lemon rice preparation is similar to Chinese fried rice except that spices used in this recipe are different and its lemony yellow color will make tempted to have it as soon as, you see, it. Since this recipe requires stir frying steamed basmati rice, it’s good to cook steamed rice at least 2-3 hours in advance, or you can also use leftover is easy to make and can get done in few minutes. You can serve lemon rice is typically served with pickle or papad. So Let’s see how to make this lemon rice recipe.

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Mutton Pulao With Tomato Chutney || Chef Poonam Bindra

Mutton Pulao Recipe is an excellent pulao recipe made with mutton and rice. Today with this mutton pulao i have made tomaato chutney which goes very well with it.
This is one of my favorite rice recipes.This mutton pulao is almost same like the pulao recipes where spices are used to make rice but, meat added to the rice adds on flavors of the pulav and make it as a very special dish.The taste of the recipe is so delicious that one would make this pulao again and again .
I have used very fresh meat to make mutton pulao as choosing the right meat makes a difference to the pulao..Spices too play a key role as the whole aroma is based on the spices we use. The spices should be freshly bought and they should be very aromatic as that gives wonderful fragrance to the whole mutton pulav.
Whenever I’m not in mood of take the pain of cooking biryani, I just make out this simple Mutton Pulao . It’s really an easy dish which does not require extra effort. I try to make pulao recipes of mutton in many ways and this recipe is one among them. Whenever I get bored of making non veg biryani recipes, I try to make pulao recipes which bring a different taste and improves our innovation in cooking Mutton kofta pulao is an aromatic rice recipe served as a main course A very special recipe for your very special and loves ones .Let us take a look at making this delicious recipe.

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Masala Biryani Rice Recipe

Biryani rice is basically spiced in rice. The rice is cooked with spices. Whereas in biryani rice, the rice is just cooked with spices & herbs. To add some texture and flavor to the rice, I also have garnished with fried onions..for some color and aroma, i have used saffron. If you are comfortable with artificial coloring, then you can use color. But I would suggest going for natural based coloring ingredients. This biryani rice, is best served with any rich curry like shahi panee paneer butter masala, r, malai kofta, , bagara baingan. also, goes well with dal tadka or dal fry. Along with biryani rice serve some boondi raita or onion-tomato raita or a kuchumber and you have meal fit for a king. Just remember to have some nice Indian desert towards the end of the meal like kulfi or falooda or gulab jamun.

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Chilgoze ka Pulao/ Pine nut Pilaf Recipe

Looking for a quick and delicious dish for dinner or lunch You are going to love my

Chilgoze ka Pulao/ Pine nut Pilaf ,as pine nut which is also called as chilgoze Studies

show that eating pine nuts about five times a week can help lower the risk of death

due to heart disease. Like other nuts, pine nuts are high in beneficial

monounsaturated fats, magnesium and vitamin E, which work together to protect the

heart Today i have brought for you a cuisine receipei this pulao is so good. I mean

really good.As is very hard for us to give chilgoze to our children so if made in a

form of pulao childrens would be happy as well and will eat it enthusium as well and

will boast there health. Chilgoze ka Pulao/ Pine is a very easy and simple dish which i

love to cook as if get cooked in hardly 20-25 minutes and it is very good in taste.

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Kathal Biryani/ Pilaf

Kathal commonly known as Jackfruit is a famous fruit from South India. It is high in fibre and also has lots of benefits. It is also consumed as fruit when it is riped. It very sweet in taste . Biryani is made when it is raw. Try this amazingly delicious recipe..

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